Meet ‘Hazel’ AllotMe’s AI powered gardening assistant 

After winning the social impact category of our 2018 Big Idea Challenge, Conor Gallagher, a London Met Examination in Professional Practice in Architecture (RIBA3) graduate founded AllotMe. Conor recently unveiled ‘Hazel’ an AI-powered garden advice guru which he hopes [...]

Meet ‘Hazel’ AllotMe’s AI powered gardening assistant 2023-10-25T12:15:56+00:00

The Queer Lenormand Deck

The Queer Lenormand Deck is a modern version of the traditional Lenormand cards developed by Graphic Design BA (Hons) graduate Mariana Andrade. Millions of people from around the world use oracle cards such as Tarot and Lenormand to help them [...]

The Queer Lenormand Deck2022-05-20T16:39:40+00:00