Don’t just track your cycle and workouts, transform your health and hormone data into empowered health care decisions for lifelong health.

Become a part of the future of women’s health with Elara, a new female health platform being developed by Elara’s Founder Jasveer Matharu, a Marketing Psychology MSc alumni of London Metropolitan University.

We were first introduced to the concept of Elara (then known as Viola) when Jas attended our 2018 summer Launchpad programme where she spent the intensive 10 weeks discovering her customers and defining her idea for the business. Since then Jas has pivoted a few times but continued to work on the overarching mission – destigmatising female health and making it possible to achieve and maintain good health. Prevention not cure.

In the UK, studies demonstrate that approximate 20% or 200,000 of all primary care consultations are appropriate for self-care and result in health professionals providing little more than reassurance and information. Elara empowers women with the tools and knowledge needed to be a proactive participant in their health.

The Elara app helps you:

  1. Learn about female health with ongoing, evidence based research and relevant resources written by experts.
  2. Understand your behaviour by monitoring and evaluating your health habits and behaviour so you can identify what needs to change. Only then can you take consistent and meaningful action.
  3. Take meaningful action by following tailored advice to improve and maintain your health and wellbeing.

Elara learns your habits and by monitoring factors like your menstrual cycle, nutrition, fitness, stress levels and sleep, gives you a daily Health Score and daly health tips to help you understand and improve your daily habits.

All daily tips are purposefully designed to support your health today as well as in later stages of life. Protect your brain from dementia, prevent heart disease with the right nutrition, avoid bone density loss during menopause.

After supporting Jas in the very early stages when Elara was just a concept, we were really excited to hear that Elara has now entered into beta testing. The motivated team behind Elara is now allowing users to register for early access so they can start benefiting from the app and also supporting the development of the app moving forward.

Jas says, “We want Elara to create a place where women can take back ownership of their health data and benefit from it, whilst simultaneously helping close the gender health data gap which has disproportionately affected women’s health.”

Interested in testing the Elara App? You can sign-up at

Jas has extensive experience in Digital Marketing, and is looking for students interested in gaining work experience in this area. If you are interested in working with the Elara team and gaining some hands on experience email