The Queer Lenormand Deck is a modern version of the traditional Lenormand cards developed by Graphic Design BA (Hons) graduate Mariana Andrade.

Millions of people from around the world use oracle cards such as Tarot and Lenormand to help them make sense of their lives. However, having been created in the mid-15th century, traditional decks lack representation for race and gender.

As an artist, graphic designer, and illustrator, Mariana Andrade decided to address this lack of representation by using her creative skills to create The Queer Lenormand Deck. This modern alternative to the traditional Lenormand cards features extra cards that better represent those within the LGBTQIA+ community, and include a variety of races and gender identities.

“I am developing this project to solve the problem of lack of inclusion in terms of the diversity of genres of the traditional Lenormand deck. As a card reader, it is essential to be prepared for all types of customers. You can face the situation that a querent is a person who does not identify as a man or woman and feels misrepresented because they do not identify themselves with a binary gender (male and woman). This deck has a Person card representing other types of gender or even non-gender to solve this issue. The world is changing, and it is important the cards change too.”

Mariana and The Queer Lenormand Deck made it to the finals of London Met’s 2021 Big Idea Challenge after entering the Creative category of the competition. Queer Lenormand Deck also made it to the finals stage of NACUE’s Tata Varsity Pitch Competition. In September 2021, Mariana successfully raised £4,000 via a Kickstarter campaign to help bring The Queer Lenormand deck to life.

“The project was developed to solve problems such as the lack of representation of non-binary, genderqueer, gender-fluid who do not identify themselves as men or women. The deck has a modern, colourful and straightforward visual communication to facilitate readers with their card reading.”

The 54-card Queer Lenormand Deck comes with 18 extra character cards that allow anyone of any relationship to do a reading. The extra cards are:

  • 5 Person cards (represents non-binary, genderqueer, gender fluid)
  • 4 men cards (it means 5 men cards in total in the deck)
  • 4 women cards (it means 5 women cards in total in the deck)
  • 1 child card (it means 2 child cards in total in the deck)
  • 4 drag cards (represents drag queens and drag kings)

“I created extra cards that are a homage to the drag queens and drags kings. Our ability to explore binary energy (male and female) no matter what your gender is. Many people feel empowered and discover certain qualities in their personality that were asleep before they first contacted their drag. As my deck, is dedicated to the diversity of genders, I decided to include our ability to explore these energies by creating these cards. In my opinion, I believe that in the near future we will have drag queers, the ability to explore our queer side.”

The Queer Lenormand deck comes with a guidebook designed and written by Mariana which explains the meaning of each card and includes two reading styles.

Lenormand is based on cartomancy, similar to Tarot but with a different type of reading. The Tarot is used to help the querent with his unconscious path. The Lenormand is more practical and addresses a more direct and personal reading language, with simple symbols that tell you a story. It is the best deck to be consulted on a daily basis.

If you would like to purchase your own Queer Lenormand Deck or find out more about Mariana, you can visit