Arctic Power Berries are now available to buy in Morrisons!

Co-founded by London Met Sports Therapy graduate Anna Ojutkangas and her business partner and friend Eveliina Suoyrjo, a Fashion Marketing graduate and freelance stylist, Arctic Power Berries offer 100% pure berry powders from Finland, the Land of The Midnight Sun.

After launching in 2014 while Anna and Evelina took part in the Accelerator’s summer Launchpad programme, the duo have continued ever since to grow the business, raise funding and expand into multiple health stores and supermarkets across the UK. Heading to Finland? Arctic Power Berries can also be purchased on Finnair flights!

Their powder varieties include Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Cranberry and Sea Buckthorn and are brimming with antioxidants and vitamins. Just one teaspoon of the powder is equal to a cup of fresh berries!

Before joining Launchpad (then called The Hatchery), Eveliina and Anna had already tried to start their business on their own but they got stuck with many legal issues and the other practical stuff. So when they saw an ad about the Hatchery programme on the wall at London Met, they decided to apply straight away. Within 6 months, they had built up a website and an online store for their berry powders.

The idea came to them when they were living abroad and missed the taste of wildberries from back home; they grew up by the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland and were used to picking berries from the backyard and eating them out the freezer all year round.

The farmed berries from local UK supermarkets did not taste the same to them at all! They found that fresh berries expired quickly and frozen berries were often either too expensive or not always available. Because of this, Anna and Evelina would always travel with at least half a year’s supply of Finnish berry powders in their suitcases on each trip to London.

After travelling with their berries for over three years, they started questioning why they couldn’t share them with other people too. They were sure that at least some people would love them as much as they did, which was when Arctic Power Berries were born!

Hand-picked in the untouched Arctic landscape of Finnish Lapland, their range of 100% berry powders are just that – 100% wild berries! Vibrant colour, mouth-watering flavour and super-powerful nutrients are just a sprinkle away. And all just as nature intended: Raw, naturally high in fibre, vegan and gluten-free berry goodness.

The wild berries they use in the berry powder are as wild as they come. We’re talking unvisited, untouched forest in the middle of nowhere levels of wild! This means that they’re entirely free of the nasty sprays and pesticides used on almost all of the fresh, cultivated berries you can buy from supermarkets. Wild berries can offer up to three times the nutrients of cultivated berries. And with the equivalent of 700g of fresh berries crammed into a compact 70g bag – there’s also a heck of a lot of clear plastic punnets being saved, and food waste avoided too.

Anna says “After living in London for over ten years we have fallen in love with this vibrant, lively and exciting city, although it has taught us to appreciate home, Finnish nature and nature’s goods that originate from there.”

Want to try Arctic Power Berries’ powdered berries for yourself? Visit the Arctic Power Berries website to buy online or find out where they’re sold.