London Technology Week

Insight into the Forefront of Technology Running simultaneously to Accelerators Creative Enterprise Month, this week (16th of June) marks the beginning of London Technology Week, a new fresh idea backed by the Mayor of London. Consisting of over 100+ events spanning [...]

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The CASS- Charlotte Gorse

Creative Enterprise Showcase Creative Enterprise Showcase is the second event scheduled during Creative Enterprise Month. The Showcase will be highlighting creative businesses that have sprouted from CASS as well as Accelerator. The night will begin with a few short industry [...]

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Liam Rollings- The Design Wire

Insight and Inspiration Roadshow  The first event of this years Creative Enterprise Month will begin tomorrow at 9:30am. We at Accelerator and London-Met University along with our partners are excited to bring this opportunity to the shoreditch area as well [...]

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Roxanne Reynolds-ARTAM

Insight and Inspiration Roadshow We only have a couple more days left until the opening  event of Creative Enterprise Month. The Insight and Inspiration Roadshow beginning this Thursday, was the creative idea of Frances Brown. Her adoration for others as [...]

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