Creative Enterprise Showcase
The second event in this years Creative Enterprise Month will start up on the 19th of June at 6:30pm. The showcase will be highlighting creative businesses coming from Accelerator as well as The Case. The showcase is a perfect opportunity for those interested in creative business to learn and make connections. The night will include short talks from businesses in the industry, a creative business exhibition, and a special showcase from ARTAM (Art Against Machine). The night will conclude with drinks during the exhibition as well as plenty of time for networking. As for those of you who love your mother country and support her in all of her athletic endeavours; the showcase will end before the English match-up so no need to worry. So sign up for this amazing opportunity and we can share a pint and watch the game at the end of the event.

For Ticket to the Event
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See y’all tomorrow
Logan Johnson, Accelerator Intern