Insight and Inspiration Roadshow 
The first event of this years Creative Enterprise Month will begin tomorrow at 9:30am. We at Accelerator and London-Met University along with our partners are excited to bring this opportunity to the shoreditch area as well as all of greater London. This event following on from the success of the Insight & Inspiration guide, authored by Frances Brown, will be an exchange of practices in enterprise education and research. The event will bring together students, companies, and educators from across universities and colleges in order to share the work being pioneered in creative enterprise education. With this event along with the work of those hosting and presenting during this years Creative Enterprise Month, we hope to stimulate the growing industry of creative enterprise and offer an opportunity to those who wish to pursue their creative dreams.
Liam Rollings is a perfect example. Presenting during the Insight and Inspiration Roadshow, Liam is the illustration of a student who had a creative dream and pursued it to completion. In the following paragraphs we will discuss Liam’s dream, education, and experience in creative enterprise.
Liam Rollings 
Liam Rolling attended Thames Valley University in 2007. He spent two years there studying 3D and spatial design. Leaving Thames valley University in 2009, Liam continued his education at London-Met university until 2012. Here he received his Bachelors in Architecture and took his first steps towards creative enterprise. Participant in London-Met’s Big Idea challenge, Liam attempted to bridge the gap between education and industry for architects and designers. From this idea Design Wire was born.
Once graduated from London-Met University, Liam Rolling went on to start his own business, Rolling Design. Established to provide design and project management service for small scale projects. Founded in June 2012 the company obtained a substantial client base. In September of 2013, LiDesign wire logoam Rolling left Rolling Design in order to fully commit to Design Wire. Founded in October of 2012, Design Wire in the words of Liam Rolling is ” A small design organisation that is thinking big; aiming to promote and develop stronger links between Communities and young professional Designers who have a wealth of fresh new ideas to support their local communities and charitable industries. The Design-wire aims to show just how young, new talent can bring creative and innovative solutions in these challenging times and are ready to offer their services in order to develop their CVs”.
We at Accelerator are excited to have Liam Rolling present at our event Insight and Inspiration Roadshow and we hope to see you there as well!

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See y’all tomorrow
Logan Johnson, Accelerator Intern