From Idea to App Store

On Tuesday, Accelerator hosted ‘From Idea to App Store’ – a speaker event as part of Digital Shoreditch Open House 2015. We had the chance to hear from a panel of industry experts – Toby Beresford (Founder and CEO of [...]

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Digital PR Workshop with Calacus

On Thursday Accelerator hosted a Digital PR workshop led by David Alexander, Managing Director of Calacus – with consultant Becky Williams. The workshop provided lots of useful tips for developing and improving PR strategy. PR is important to consider when starting up a [...]

Digital PR Workshop with Calacus2015-03-20T16:28:14+00:00

Salesforce London Hackathon Success

Last weekend, Gina Vasile - one of our Hatchery participants- entered a Hackathon, the last of 4 Hackathons as part of the Salesforce Summer of Hacks. The 2-days challenge was organised by Salesforce and BeMyApp and gathered over 80 Londoners. Hackers were classified as "ideas generators", "developers" and [...]

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Incubators vs Accelerators

Ever wondered what the difference between a business incubator and accelerator ( not us! but the definition!)? Then carry on reading! Incubators Say you are a tech entrepreneur, you have a great idea for a new product, you are a [...]

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