Insight and Inspiration Roadshow
We only have a couple more days left until the opening  event of Creative Enterprise Month. The Insight and Inspiration Roadshow beginning this Thursday, was the creative idea of Frances Brown. Her adoration for others as well as creative enterprise has brought Accelerator, London-Met University, Enterprise Educators, and NACUE together in order to provide you with a stepping stone into the creative business industry. During the Thursdays event, Accelerator and its partners will be hosting six speakers. We hope that their insight and experience will inspire and motivate you towards pursuing your own dreams.
Today we will be recognizing a speaker and the company that she represents in a preview of Thursdays affairs. Roxanne Reynolds is scheduled to Annameka Porter-Sinclairpresent along with Annameka Porter-Sinclair during the Insight and Inspiration Roadshow and will be representing ARTAM’s goal for creative enterprise. When asked the reason for involvement  Annameka Porter-Sinclair said, “I am involve because I believe developing and nurturing creative business is key to innovation”.
Annameka Porter-Sinclair
Roxanne Reynolds
Roxanne Reynolds is a student at London-Met University. During herRoxanne reynolds 2 time at London-Met University she participated in the The Big Idea competition which allows students to find a problem, figure out a solution, and then find a way for that solution to be implemented. Roxanne’s Big Idea turned into ARTAM (Art Against Machine). ARTAM is a creative platform that invests in the growth of artists to enable cross discipline creativity and facilitate artists in achieving their creative goals. To see her video (Click Here).

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See y’all Tomorrow
Logan Johnson, Accelerator Intern