Insight and Inspiration Roadshow
This years Creative Enterprise Month will be kicking off this Thursday at 10am with the Insight and Inspiration Roadshow! For those of you who have already reserved your space for this event, we cant wait to see you! For those you who have not !!!Book Now!!! before its to late! I can promise you that you wont regret the decision. This year at the Insight and Inspiration Roadshow we will be hosting six outstanding individuals in creative enterprise. These individuals will be presenting over the course of the event on a variety of topics and will be sharing a wealth of knowledge for those interested in creative enterprise or start-up.
John Bound is one of the six presenting on Thursday during the event and the topic of today’s post. For information on all of our speakers for the event follow my blog here at Accelerator
John Bound
John Bound graduated from Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, Canterbury in 1970. He then went on to pursue business studies at Bristol Polytechnic. He graduated in 1973.
Work Experience 
John spent a decade in manufacturing and consumer goods marketing to Boots, John Lewis, Heals and other UK retailers, through roles with Chubb Fire Engineering and CoLignum, a small woodware and joinery business run on a co-operative model.
John then joined the business development team at Brand New. An international product development agency inked to the future technology laboratories at PA Consulting Group and Sustainability, the pioneering green design consultancy.
From 1991, John worked alongside Professor Roger Coleman in creating the Royal College of Art’s DesignAge program. The program focused on design for ageing populations and was the winner of one of the first Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for Higher Education. DesignAge evolved into The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design for people-centered design and innovation. Here, John directed the Centre’s flagship Include conferences before moving to InnovationRCA as Head of Innovation Development in 2004.
As of now John leads the FuelRCA program for the Royal College of Arts. FuelRCA is the College’s professional development service. The program acts as a support service for graduates and alumni who are in the process of setting up their own business or practices in the creative industry.

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Logan Johnson, Accelerator Intern