Insight and Inspiration Roadshow 
Running on with our theme this June, Creative Enterprise Month, we will be presenting a series of post that will be covering the speakers scheduled to present on the 12th of June. This will be to inform you and others on the the speakers and to give a bit of insight into their knowledge and experiences of the business world. Educators attending these events will be able to get a look into business start up, creative enterprise and entrepreneur lecturing, and the enterprising revolution of the future generation.
Today we will start our series with Dr. Charlotte Carey, who will be speaking on the 12th of June at 11:20am-12:30pm. This will be during our first event of the month, Insight and Inspiration Roadshow.
Dr. Charlotte Carey 
Dr. Charlotte Carey graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with BA in time based media in 1994. In 2009 Dr. Carey received her PG certificate in higher education and by 2013 received her PhD in Gender and Entrepreneurship in creative industry Career Journeys from Birmingham City University.
Work Experience 
Dr. Charlotte Carey has a creative and intriguing resume. To be honest her background is so amazing I am not quite sure if I hold enough authority to write this post. Dr. Carey’s background includes seven years of working  for an interdisciplinary internet consultancy and lecturing in multi media design, new media, and web design in a variety of schools. This alone is impressive not to mention her freelance work as an artist and film-maker. In truth Dr. Carey embodies the idea of creative enterprise. In January 2008 Dr. Carey became the External Examiner for the University of Arts London. While at this position she worked within the masters program which was geared insistently on creative enterprise and entrepreneurship. Towards the end of 2009 Dr. Carey became the Senior Lecturer in Creative Industries Marketing at Birmingham City Business School. While continuing to work for Birmingham City University, Dr. Carey took on the title of External Examiner at the University of Glamorgan. With so much experience in creative enterprise we at Accelerator are excited for Dr. Charlotte Carey’s attendance and presentation during our Insight and Inspiration Roadshow Launch

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Logan Johnson, Accelerator Intern