This June Accelerator and London-Met University will be Partnering up with Enterprise Educators UK and NACUE to Host Creative Enterprise Month

Creative Enterprise Month began as an idea of Frances Brown’s, the creative enterprise manager for Accelerator. When asked why she started Creative Enterprise Month she stated “At London Met we are continually focussed on providing quality experiences and opportunities for our students and graduate to become more enterprising and develop vital skills for their future professional development.  We know the importance of the UK’s Creative Industries and the role that enterprise education within universities play in developing talent and helping them to create sustainable businesses.  We are teaming up with leading organisations in enterprise education, creative business development and London’s Creative Industry to host Creative Enterprise Month, a platform to educate, inspire and showcase creative business and those championing their success”.
This months Creative Enterprise Event will consist of three separate workshops over a period of eight days. In this time Accelerator along with its partners hope to be able to provide insight, inspiration, networking, and an opportunity to achieve your goals as an entrepreneur. For more info on our partners please read on.
London-Met University
Accelerator has been a connection of London-Met University for the last fifteen years. Accelerator as a business incubator has provided the graduates of London-Met and other universities with a priceless opportunity. For those that want to start their own business or just have an idea they wish to develop, Accelerator is there to london-met-logohelp guide them. These eager entrepreneurs are supported step by step with workshops and events till there goals are within reach. London-Met prides itself on its ability to deliver affordable quality education. Through its tenure the university has help students find placements and opportunities in the local job market. Together Accelerator and London-Met have worked tirelessly to connect students to their dreams.
Enterprise Educators UK
Enterprise Educators has been supporting and developing enterprise education for over ten years. Last month Frances Brown attend the Embedded Enterprise Exchange at Cardiff University hosted by EEUK. Frances Brown after her visit said, “It’s always great to take part in EEUK events and this was particularly imEEUK Logoportant as we were learning and sharing practical how-to’s on embedding enterprise and enhancing enterprise opportunities for students from all subjects and faculties”. This relationship between EEUK and Accelerator has continued to grow over the past month leading to the partnership of EEUK with Accelerator along with other companies to host June’s Creative Enterprise Month. 
The National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs or NACUE was founded in 2009. TNACUE Logohe organization is essentially a nationwide network of student societies that work together in order to promote and support an enterprising generation. NACUE is conveniently based in Accelerators office space, which allows for a strong and healthy friendship between the two organizations.  This month NACUE will be working with Accelerator, London-Met, and EEUK in order to provide students with the ability to learn from experts and each other. Curran Mckay, creative development manager for NACUE, as been working closely with Frances Brown over these last few weeks and is excited at the possible benefits Creative Enterprise Month will offer the next enterprising generation. When asked about the event Curran Mckay said, “At NACUE Create we recognise the importance and value in nurturing the professional development of creative students, as well as the unique challenges they face, which is why we’re delighted to be partnering on London Met’s Creative Enterprise Month”.