Insight and Inspiration Roadshow
This is an exciting month for all of us here at Accelerator. As a company directly involved in business start-up and linked with London-Met University, we see this month as a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in creative enterprise and entrepreneurship as an educator or a student. In five days time we will be kicking-off this years Creative Enterprise Month with the first event, Insight and Inspiration Roadshow. Looking forward, our goal is to share the outstanding work being started in creative enterprise education and to create networks for those who are like minded in this endeavor.
For these next few days our topics will be focused on the speakers that will be presenting during the roadshow and what their qualifications in the creative enterprise industry are. Today we will be focusing on Neil Leonard who will be speaking on the 12th of June at 2:05pm
Neil Leonard  
Graduating from Swindon College in 2000, Neil Leonard went on to complete his BA in graphic design in 2001. In 2002 Neil received a Post Graduate Certificate specializing in Education and Graphic Design from Reading University. Neil Leonard went on to complete his MA in Graphic Design in 2008 from the London College of Communication.
Neil Leonard faimly
Work Experience 
Neil Leonard started his career in graphic design working as a tutor and educator for a variety of colleges and universities. These included: Workingham¬†Digital Academy, Farnborough College of Technology, The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, and finally at Arts University College at Bournemouth as a Senior Lecturer. After rDesign Your career Logoesigning from Bournemouth in July of 2012, Neil went on to continue his Freelance work as a designer. For the following year Neil worked on projects for Bright Blue Day and EC Design and Marketing. In 2012 Neil Leonard went on to start Idea Generation and Design Your Career. Design Your Career in Neil’s words is a “one-stop-shop, designed to assist you in establishing your own creative enterprise. Our conferences, workshops and seminars offer essential guidance and inspiration ideal for budding designers, crafters, photographers, illustrators and other individuals with a creative flare”.

We at Accelerator and London-Met are excited to host Neil Leonard as a special speaker for our event Insight and Inspiration Roadshow, which will begin on the 12th of June and is the first event in a series for Creative Enterprise Month.

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Logan Johnson, Accelerator Intern