Insight and Inspiration Roadshow
Only four more days till the first event of this years Creative Enterprise Month, Insight and Inspiration Creative Enterprise Roadshow! Coming up to the event’s launch it is looking to be a memorable experience full of networking and insight. If you have been keeping up with my post over this month you know how excited everyone is here at Accelerator. Never before have we had the opportunity to host such an inspirational and educational event. Thanks to our Creative Enterprise Manager, Frances Brown, Creative Enterprise Month will be a huge success and benefit every student and or educator who attends. With that don’t forget to sign up before its to late!
Continuing on with our theme of presenting the speakers for the first event, Insight and Inspiration Roadshow, before the 12th. We will again today introduce you to one of the six speakers attending the roadshow. Emilia Telese will be the subject of our readings today, and her presentation will be on the 12th of June at 11:20am.
Emilia Telese
Emilia Telese is an Italian artist working with performance, visual, site-specific and video art. Born in Sarno, Italy, in 1973, she currently lives in Sussex, England and works in London and mainland Europe. She graduated in 1996 from the Academy of Fine Arts, Florence and is now based in Lewes, East Sussex. Her most recent show was Life Begins at Land’s End part of Rebirth Day, a concept organised by Michelangelo Pistoletto. Her video along with works from other artists were shown at Musee deu Louvre in Paris in the Spring of 2013.
Her Work
Emilia Telese specializes in research about how artists interact with the cultural economy in the UK and Europe. Her passion for art can be seen in her work of delivering specific Emilia Telese photo Shootlectures on understanding the art world, writing for artists, fundraising, writing statements and proposals, and more. Emilia founded artist led initiative Edible Construction Company in 2006 with Chris Biddlecombe and Guyan Porter, creating socially-engaged art in the public realm. In 1998 she helped set up the Artists’ Resource, the largest library for artists’ professional development in the South East of England, which she managed until 2004. Emilia Telese combines her arts practice with her role as Artists’ Networks Coordinator for The Artists’ Information Company and works with UK and international art organisations as a freelance specialist in professional development advice for artists. Emilia Telese is in Artsway’s Associate artist scheme and is a Regional Council member of Arts Council England, South East. She teaches art economics and professional practice at a number of UK and Italian institutions, such as the Pistoletto Foundation, Biella; the Fine Art Academy in Palermo; University of the Arts, London; Fabrica Gallery, Brighton.
During her career, she has slept in a forest, been chased by paparazzi in Venice, landed by helicopter in a Danish football field, changed her brainwave frequencies in the former stables of the Tsar of Russia in St Petersburg, shut herself in a suitcase in Southend, eaten rosaries in Sigmund Freud’s home, and built the Brighton’s Royal Pavilion out of ten tons of rice.
To be able to hear Emilia Telese is a treat in its-self for us here at Accelerator not to mention a privilege to have her speak at our event next week. We hope you can join us for our first event Insight and Inspiration Roadshow this coming week and enjoy all of the speakers we have scheduled along with Emilia.

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See y’all tomorrow
Logan Johnson, Accelerator Intern