Guest post by Claire Hall, Client Services Director at Moove Agency – a Creative WordPress Development Agency established in London in 2010. We support clients by providing fast and agile WordPress Support Services and dedicated resources in order to accelerate our client’s marketing campaigns.

We have been a part of Accelerator for the past 8 years and have seen tremendous growth over the years with a global client list that includes Sony, Which? and JLL. We are an essential partner for large businesses who rely on us daily to provide fast and reliable web development services to help them succeed in today’s fast-moving digital world.

We’re very proud of the partnerships that we build with our clients; we have 98%+ client retention which includes a 5 year partnership with Which?  and supporting Internet Matters a not-for-profit organisation that has an important mission – to help keep children safe in the digital world.

We’ve had solid 20-30% year on year growth which has been in part due to the support received from the Accelerator over the years. So we wanted to share some of the ways that Accelerator has made a difference to our business growth:

  • Mentorship and Guidance

We’ve had access to a number of expert mentors and it has been so valuable to learn from others who were further along in their business journey and could advise us. We’ve also had access to wide ranging professional advice across a number of areas including important areas such as accountancy, legal, copyright, HR and business development.

  • Office Space

Having an office space in Central London has been very important for us, particularly in the early years when we were winning our first clients and building our reputation. We’re very grateful that we could have space in Accelerator and it’s fantastic to see all of the improvements – we’re looking forward to seeing the new space once it opens later in the year!

  • Networking with other Founders

The Accelerator team work hard to put on great events and we love meeting with other founders and sharing our journey with them and learning from each other.

  • Opportunity to give back

We’ve been a part of mentoring programmes such as The Big Idea as well as part of panels and various events for London Met and we really appreciate the opportunity to be part of the wider community and help others along their business journey too. We were also able to help the WordPress Community to find a great venue for the annual WordCamp London event  – the UK’s largest WordPress Conference – it is now held at London Met University which helps London Met students to get introduced to open-source software development early on in their career.

We love being a part of this thriving community and look forward to the coming years!