And finally, today we are introducing the last group of new members at the hatchery.  We look forward to seeing new faces here at Accelerator as well as where these companies will go!

Le Petit Chou

Le Petit Chou is a business venture based on green smoothie Drinks and a healthy kitchen.  This company aims to reintroduce healthy foods that can change lives and the well-being of every single person.  There is also an educational aspect to this business venture, informing their customers about the benefits of what they are eating along the way.

I Love Your Junk

This startup hopes to start its own workshop for mid-century furniture restoration and upholstery.  The goal is to own a fully functioning restoration workshop as well as an online shop where people can view previous works.

Melting Pot London

With London vendors selling higher quality street food every day, it is no longer considered unsanitary to order food from a dodgy roadside vendor.  Melting Pot London aims to reinvent the sandwich and offer the best cuisine from the side of a van.  All sandwiches draw from the Melting Pot that is London, with ingredients and dishes drawn from around the world.

Lonely Monster

Lonely Monster is a multimedia company providing high quality products with their services while keeping the cost down as they aim to market towards Startups and SMEs which cant afford to pay thousands of pounds for fully tailored design and development of a website.

Brown Tree Art

Brown Tree Art hopes to simplify art, with the first step being to combat crinkling of paper.  This process is due to moisture and fluid absorption; however there is a simple fix to prevent this.  Effective paper stretching eliminates crinkling and this company aims to develop an effective paper-stretching technique/machine.

Clare Hannigan Jewellery

Clare Hannigan Jewellery hopes to combine vintage clothing/accessories with fledgling independent contemporary designers selling within, with the intent of creating a studio/unique boutique where jewellery designers create and sell their products together.