As of midnight last night, all video entries for the second stage of the Big Idea Challenge are online and ready for viewing.

As I’m sure many of the people reading this have seen, our Twitter and Facebook page have both been clogging up your newsfeeds with posts about the Big Idea Challenge for the past 24 hours.  Out of the 100+ original entries for this challenge, only about 20 ideas have made it to this stage of the competition.  Students were asked to put together a 90 minute video that would inform the viewer of everything their idea was about and why they think they can solve the problem they presented.
bigideavideosContestants obviously put everything they had into these submissions, and are being judged on how big of an impact the video makes!  We are looking at shares, likes, views, and everything else important for getting ideas out there.  Show your support for the videos you enjoy and help out our entries!  Check them out here! The videos are all on the London Met Facebook page as well.
The submissions pitch ideas ranging from the creation of a twitter app to a service providing support to architecture graduates.  Pick a favorite and show your support!