Congratulations to our very own Qudini, who have been selected for JLAB 2015! John Lewis’ prestigious programme helps startups in the retail space fast track their growth – each year 10 participants are selected to receive mentorship, investment and “unique access to John Lewis, helping them refine their products and their business models.”
Qudini offers a queue and appointment management system that allows companies to better manage the customer journey. Customers are provided with “accurate information and personalised updates about their waiting experience.” Qudini clients include O2 and House of Fraser. Here’s what they had to say about the good news:
“We are really thrilled to be accepted to take part in the JLAB process, having come from Wayra we have experience of the significant benefits that being part of a corporate accelerator can drive for a small business. Benefits in terms of credibility, business opportunities, network and also the opportunity to learn more about our market and the way they think and work.” – Imogen Wethered, CEO of Qudini