Some of the interns with the Enterprise Team had an awesome opportunity to attend the NACUE event

This past Friday, NACUE held the Startup Career Launchpad at the Cargo in London. This event allowed people in attendance the opportunity to meet some of the hottest startups in Europe who are looking for new talent right now. On top of this, NACUE put together a day of interactive sessions – delivered by some of the UK startup communities top names. This allowed for content that creates dialogue and sessions that actively involves and tasks the audience.
The sixteen different speakers at the event came from all different areas, backgrounds, and occupations. These ranged from CEO’s of growing companies to recent graduates and interns who have had success working with startups. Some of the interns with the Enterprise team to attend this exciting event and sit in on a few of the lectures given.nacue
So, overall all the interns in attendance had a great time at the Startup Career Launchpad. Jake Bardos, an intern with the Enterprise at London Met team, really enjoyed his day at the event. “We were able to sit in on some of the lectures, and they were all very interesting. It was awesome to hear to presentations geared towards younger people who just finished university or are finishing it up in the next couple years.”
The interns seemed to enjoy their time because the majority of the presentations were relatable to where they are now. Many of these people were in the same situation as some of the interns currently with the Enterprise Team. Especially because these speakers ultimately able to find success, it proved to be an inspiration for the interns.
NACUE’s event was a success! It was well organized and all the speakers were not only fascinating but interactive as well. It was awesome to attend a startup event that focused on college age students. Everyone who attended the event can walk away having learned many things that will lead to success down the road. The Enterprise Team is looking forward to the next NACUE event in the London area!