Manny Boateng studied Business and Entrepreneurship at London Metropolitan University. Soon after graduating in 2013 he knew he wanted to start a business but, like many, he just didn’t know how to get started. Fortunately he found London Met’s Launchpad programme and the rest, as they say, is history.  He’s now the founder of successful media business Young Pro, a website and magazine for the country’s (aspiring and actual) youth football elite.
Having learned that less than 3% of elite youth athletes make it to the pros, Manny started thinking how he could improve these statistics. As industry doesn’t cater to the needs and development of grassroots football, he created YoungPro online magazine that fills the gap and covers the most up-to-date and relevant news around grassroots football.
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Manny talks about his Launchpad experience:
It’s amazing! I would honestly not be where I am today with the business if I didn’t participate. It provided me with a ton of opportunities to meet experts who have not only helped me launch my venture, but also raise capital and develop a strategic road map. Because of Launchpad, I knew that my startup idea was commercially viable.”
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With continued support from the Student Enterprise Programme, Manny is planning to improve the industry and hopes that more elite youth can become professionals.  Young Pro Mag was launched in July 2015 at the event with over 250 people in Emirates Stadium. The event was hosted by Sky Sports News Presenter Tom White and explored the issues and support needed to help young players. Young Pro is now promoting “Better Habits Better Players” campaign which focuses on the need for a healthier lifestyle and improved nutrition with support from football legend Harry Redknapp.
Manny hopes that Young Pro will become a go-to for young professional footballers with all the support and advice that it provides in terms of fitness, wellness and lifestyle.