At this practical session, Natasha Triay (Student Enterprise Manager) and Maia Donahue (entrepreneur, educator, father, husband and author of “The Startup Mentor”) will give you a comprehensive run-through of the why and how you should start looking for a mentor when starting a new business or setting off on an exciting career venture.

Mentors have been there, done that, had success but also failures – so finding your own mentor when starting out can be crucial to finding your own success. Having a mentor gives you the opportunity to learn from their past experience and avoid mistakes they and other entrepreneurs have made before – a great mentor will share the good, the bad and the ugly for your benefit!

And if you are a sole founder with no team, having a mentor is especially important as it allows you to bounce ideas off of and seek decision-making advice from someone.

Successful businesses need two key things – a quality idea, and great execution. And adding in a mentor to the mix gives you the best chances of success for your business!

Guest Speaker

Maia Donahue

Maia is the Senior Facilitator and Director of College Partnerships at 3 Day Startup, where he has compiled thousands of hours teaching hands-on entrepreneurship and mentoring early-stage startup founders. Maia has worked in-person with startup founders across the United States, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Egypt, South Korea, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Malawi, and more.

Maia is passionate about helping founders solve the myriad riddles that lie between having a startup idea and converting that idea into a successful startup that solves a problem in the market.

He lives in Austin, TX with his wife, Katie and son, Noah. The Startup Mentor is his first book.