Session 2 of Launchpad kicked off with the students reporting back on their previous week since session 1. It is great to see and hear they had taken our suggestions and what we introduced in week 1.
After opening up the room and all coming together the students took on the famous marshmallow challenge; build the tallest free-standing structure using just 20 sticks of spaghetti, a short length of masking tape, one metre of string and one marshmallow to be placed on top. Highest marshmallow wins! The challenge proved to be a great way to emphasise the importance of the students of planning and testing ideas!
After lunch, we were joined by Curran McKay from Reposit for an ask me anything session. Curran began by telling his startup story and explaining what Reposit do, and then the students asked loads of questions about starting a business.
Next up we look into Landing Pages, a single web page that describes a Value Proposition or an aspect of it and how they can be used to validate ideas with customers. We went through layout, design and effective visitor calls to action, as getting customers to perform an action gives us deeper insight.
We introduced a great tool called Instapage, for building landing pages and have set students the task of building one for next week.
We can’t wait to see what they bring back to us next week!
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