6pm – 8pm
Food Startups: how to create a winning sales strategy

This workshop is designed for those small start-up businesses that have a finished food product ready for market and need to generate sales or increase existing sales. The workshop will take you through a sales process of starting from scratch with no database, no contact base and limited selling skills. You will learn how to find potential customers; how to read the language of a sale, and how to successfully secure the sale.
From experience gained in over 30 years of successful sales, Tina will guide you on how to recognise and avoid compromising your product’s value for a low margin, and to confidently know when to walk away from a sale, no matter what its value.
This workshop will enable you to:

  • challenge your attitudes and beliefs to selling;
  • give you the space to challenge your product’s worth;
  • allow you to ask the question  “Is it making best use of my time to be the seller of my product or would sales benefit from a dedicated sales person under my guidance?”

Selling is a skill that needs a sound understanding of the basic principles from which to grow and succeed. This workshop will teach you these fundamental principles.
Workshop Modules:

  1. The foundations of the selling process
  2. The basic steps of a sale
  3. Creating a sales strategy
  4. Preparing the ground work, within the strategy, including realistic goal setting
  5. Where and how to look for potential customers (wise use of time & energy)
  6. Knowing how to conduct a sale and read the signs
  7. Valuing your product and avoiding low profit margin; knowing when to walk away from a sale
  8. How to sell in a small pond before moving into the bigger pond

About the Speaker:
Tina’s career in the food and hospitality industry has spanned 30 years during which time she has developed her expertise in sales and marketing, commercial kitchen design and new business development design,. Having worked in the UK, Ireland and USA, she has a proven track record as a top saleswoman working with prominent design/catering equipment distribution companies and achieving Director of Sales within two of the major catering supply companies in the UK.
Building on her success in sales and design, Tina launched her own business, offering foodservice consultancy, bespoke commercial kitchen & bar design, to the public and private sectors. Working closely with property investors, architects, chefs and hoteliers Tina perfected delivering turn key business solutions.
Tina’s interest in the environment and innovative approach to business is evidenced by her research and success in introducing food waste management systems within public sector projects. She is the Director / Owner of The Food Pod Limited. Learn more about her succesful career here.