In this article (from Creative and Cultural Skills – a useful web resource for anyone wanting to start a creative career), Pete Mosley outlines some great tips for creatives on how to ‘find a niche’.
This is a big issue for many creative freelancers – focusing only on producing work, and not spending enough time on promoting their businesses to potential customers! Mosley describes how you can draw in a bigger audience for your business by testing the market and seeing how people respond to your ideas.
“Finding your ideal niche is about getting to the point where you can work on the things you love and have a healthy database of loyal customers who buy your products or services – not just once but regularly.”
He also highlights the importance of ‘spreading your net’ far enough to reach customers, using an example of a textile artist who grew her customer base by promoting her business in areas with bigger populations:
“Whether you’re an app developer, speaker, artist or designer, figure out how far you need to spread your wings in order to get the profile and income you need.”
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