Launchpad participants Martin Grozev and Slavomir Semov, have made sports betting a class of investment. Now, the two of them have come together to create a program that will enable people to better manage and support their bets while overall being more efficient. We briefly sat down with them to discuss their Launchpad experience so far…
What was the motivation behind your start up idea?
Personal frustrations. There is a need for innovation within that field of tracking bets, analysing bets, managing bets. The whole business goes into getting all the data into one place; we have the knowledge, resources and money so why not expand?
How long have you been working on it?
We’ve been discussing for a long time, mostly casual conversation, but Launchpad was the instrument to finally launch our idea.
How has the programme been going for you so far?
Martin: Super good to be honest – there are numerous things to be picked up from the whole program.
Slavomir: It’s made us do things, made us reach milestones. Really, it’s like a mentor on steroids. It gets us to do the job – we’re super organised but we seemed to never have enough time until now.
Martin: There’s also such nice, like-minded people that it’s created good networking.
Have there been any major challenges in the past few weeks?
Slavomir: I think all the tasks they’ve given us, except the one with the marshmallow, have been achievable.
Martin: That marshmallow was difficult but the problem was splitting us up – if we’d stayed together, we would’ve won.
Other than figuring out the marshmallow situation, what’s the next step from here?
Who’s to say – all we know is failure is not an option. We are going up.