The CASS & Accelerator Creative Enterprise Showcase 
June 19th @ 6:30pm-8:00pm
In two days time Accelerator along with members of The CASS will be hosting the Creative Enterprise Showcase! This event will be celebrating the partnership between The CASS, London-Met, and Accelerator by hosting a variety of talent that has emerged from The CASS at London-Met. The event will also highlight creative businesses coming from Accelerator as well as The CASS. This is a great opportunity to come and see new talent being introduced into the Shoreditch and London community. The associates at Accelerator and The CASS strive to give young talented minds the opportunity to chase and achieve their dreams. This event is in celebration of those who have done just so. Come listen to their stories and learn from their experiences so that you to can follow and and achieve your dreams.
Speakers During the Event

Matt Deacon– The CASS
Eerika Leino – Commercial Future Award
Liam Rollins, The Design Wire – Hatchery and Big Idea Video
Corrin Webb, Frame and Cover – Hatchery

Exhibitors During the Event

Eerika Leino – Velorous
Katie Brown
Russell Daniels-Lake
Design Wire
Frame and Cover
Porter Longboards

Schedule During the Event

6:45pm– Welcome -Frances Brown
6:50pm– The CASS -Charlotte Gorse
7:00pm– Big Name Creative
7:20Pm– Student & Graduate Speakers
7:55pm– Close -Richard Celm
8:00pm– Network & Drinks -Exhibitors

For Tickets to the Event
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See y’all tomorrow
Logan Johnson, Accelerator Intern
Cass and Accelerator Creative Enterprise Showcase