As you most likely know, the 20th is a BIG UNMISSABLE day at Accelerator as part of our Creative Enterprise Month.  Some of the things going on during the day:
Find Out about Recent Graduate Experiences

hashWith 12 months passing since receiving his Bachelor in Motion Graphics, Hashmukh Kerai has co-founded his own company RoomCR6 that has clients  including the R&B festival for two consecutive years and creating a whole promo video for the beautiful Seychelles islands. Using the experience and knowledge he has gained throughout this time in the crucial 12 months after he graduated, his insight to life after graduation is an invaluable asset to any individual that wishes to repeat a similar success story.

 Roxanne Reynolds is a student at London-Met University. During her time at London-Met University she participated in the The Big Idea competition which allows students to find a problem, figure out a solution, and then find a way for that solution to be implemented. Roxanne’s Big Idea turned into ARTAM (Art Against Machine) in the months after her graduation. ARTAM is a creative platform that invests in the growth of artists to enable cross discipline creativity and facilitate artists in achieving their creative goals.

2467331Its been over 2 years since Liam Rollings graduated from London Met and is going strong; gaining momentum each second through the experience he has gained throughout his career and applying it to his business:   The Design-Wire is a small design organisation that is thinking big; aiming to promote and develop stronger links between Communities and young professional Designers who have a wealth of fresh new ideas to support their local communities and charitable industries. The Design-wire aims to show just how young, new talent can bring creative and innovative solutions in these challenging times and are ready to offer their services in order to develop their CVs. 

Struggling to start a Independent Game Business?
I Fight Bears (as the name indicates!) is a funky micro game development company based in North London founded by Nicoll Hunt whose experience is outstanding simply by saying that he contributed to the well known series of Colin McRae is enough to wipe any doubts of any programmers head to his game development skills. Come over and see how to get started in the world of game development.
Internship Opportunitieshashhash
Summer is around the corner. In fact it is pretty much here, at least the mood flowing from the World Cup, but as you know it will end sooner than later and its enough with the relaxing and time to gather some career boosting experience, there will be a variety of companies & organisations looking for talented individuals like you  so come along! some of the companies present:
SalesGossip – A daily sales scouting services that does al the dirty work for you. They want to make sure that you will be the first to know of any sale. Pop-up sales, flash sales, student sales, designer sample sales and seasonal reductions on the high street, on Sales Gossip you’ll find comprehensive listings of all the sales in London and online.
Guerilla Galaries –  They offer a safe but exciting platform from which artists, creatives and ideas-people can showcase, promote and market their work.
Give-a-Grad-a-Go – are the UK’s leading graduate recruitment specialists. They place highly accomplished graduates from the UK’s top universities, into exciting roles in global brands, thriving SMEs and burgeoning start-ups.
Made in Shoreditch – unique lifestyle magazine celebrating the iconic status of Shoreditch as Europe’s centre of Innovation and Creativity. We cover stories about Innovation & Creativity  in Fashion & Style, Arts & Culture, Tech, Fine Dining and Nightlife in Shoreditch and outside Shoreditch.
Want to find out about How to Start a Successful Kickstarter Campaign?
Patric Laing successfully drove his Kickstarter campaign for offering a simple product: a mud guard known as Plume. It Plume-mudguard-Patrick-Laing-Dan-McMahon-1achieved a staggering 312% of its initial aim in terms of funding  in a mere 4 days making a gruesome  3.5 years of work worth it, but Plume would not be present before your eyes here today if it were not for Kickstarter which played a significant role in propelling the product to the next stage. Join us at Accelerator to gain an insight how Patric managed to organise such a successful Kickstarter campaign.
Fashion Industry and its influences
A Fashion Industry event led by Tim Brownstown from Kymira Sport (founded in 2013) , KYMIRA have developed a range of performance and recovery enhancing sportswear to suit the elite athlete to the weekend warrior. Shier products have been developed based on thorough scientific research into the biological effects of infra-red radiation and result in a reaction on a cellular level. Sounds very technical and out-of-touch from the industry, does it not? Don’t worry they know what they are doing;; it would be a shame if anyone missed out on such a chance so come along and find out what the current fashions tastes are.
Struggling to Sell your Product? We’ll Help.
We cannot deny the Market is a tough place, full of many companies ranging from small to large looking for that precious profit with which they can flourish and expand and repeat the cycle again. Even all the features of your business/product is perfect if you cannot get it on the market you cannot generate revenue. Simple. With the expertise Emma-Jayne Parkes success is guaranteed.
CV Workshop
A unique CV workshop that gives you that edge over others to allow you to stand out to employers and get that important phone call from your future boss.
Social Media
social-networksThe seminar led by Accelerators own Frances Brown, is bound to be more than interesting, Social media is impacting us all whether we like it or not even without possessing an account your business or even yourself can be on pictures/posts and consequently this affects us all. The seminar helps you understand how social media works and gives an introductory overview of its features.  

Want to go On-line?
In the age of digital technology, physical retail outlets are becoming a thing of the past with near stagnant growth (compared to double digit growth around  the 20% mark for on-line retail sales!!!!) with those remaining acting as show rooms for customers to go back home and then purchase them off the internet, the on-line realm is a must for any business in the 21st century for it to remain competitive. Join the Q+A panel filled with on-line business owners (some of them are 100% on-line! ) to find out how to  run a business on the internet.
Too much stress? Worried about your Career?
mind-detox-picToo often you hear how people are scared about losing their job and causing them to go grey by the age of 30 due to the stress involved, it is a common sight and can ESPECIALLY effect todays young people that have to start young to have a reasonable job by the time they graduate. If you want to learn how to get rid of the stress this is the seminar to attend to.

Speakers will include 

Frances Brown
Hashmukh Kerai
Roxanne Reynolds- ARTAM
Liam Rolling- Design Wire
Nicoll Hunt- I Fight Bears
Patrick Laing- Plume
Ellie Johnson- Third Girl/IMLondon
Emma-Jayne Parkes- Squid London
Curran Mckay- NACUE
Zabetta Camilleri- Sales Gossip
Giedrius Ivanauskas- Made in Shoreditch
M. Raihan- MyGreenBag
Micci Gorrod
Alex Barton

Micheal Azzopardi

Markus Gnirck

Now or Never Creative Career Day Schedule 

9:30– Refreshments/Registration
10:00– Welcome
10:15– What Now!? Graduates Share Experiences and Tips
11:00– Tea and Coffee
11:15– Creative Business Talk
11:35– Breakout Q&As
12:00– Internship Opportunities
12:30– Lunch
13:00– Creative Business Talk
13:30– Skills Breakouts
14:00– Online Business Panel
14:30– Tea and Coffee
14:50– Creating a Stress Free & Fulfilling Career
15:50– Enterprise at London-Met
16:00– Planning Session

Crop Now or Never



See you there!
Wojciech Buchacz, Accelerator Intern