Digital marketing offers a lot of great opportunities for your business but if you don’t have a strong plan in place or aren’t using the right tools for the job, it can also take up a lot of precious time, without delivering the right results. This class offers a high-level overview of the most widely used digital marketing tools, and where they serve you best in the buying cycle of your customer. Our goal is that you exit the class with an understanding of your options and tools you may use in your communication, a draft media mix and a few seedling ideas for the content of each.

We are going to look at:

  1. Widely used, cost-effective digital marketing tools
  2. Tips, tricks and best practices
  3. The most important metrics to keep an eye on if you are running online advertising campaigns
  4. How to pick the right mix of tools for your marketing plan

24 October 2018
5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Accelerator London
35 Kingsland Road
London, E2 8AA