6.00pm – 8.00pm
Figure out if your project is crowdfundable and learn how to develop your project, idea, or app for crowdfunding success.
Crowdfunding is changing the creative funding landscape for entrepreneurs, media-makers, designers, startups, and tech visionaries. Now it’s your turn to raise the money you need for your new venture, idea, or design. Whether you’re a startup, designer, app developer, or creative media maker, these talks will help you figure out if your project is crowdfundable and show you how to develop your project, idea, or app for crowdfunding success. Whether you’re getting ready to launch or just want to learn more, this event will give you the tips you’re looking for.

The Speakers

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Kelly Angood
UK Design, Technology + Hardware Manager at Indiegogo
Kelly Angood is the UK manager of Tech, Design and Hardware for Indiegogo- the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. As a maker herself she understands the product development process and is passionate about revolutionising the way products are made by giving creators and makers access to capital and a way to bring their exciting products into the real world.[/vc_column]
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Shameel Khan
Investment Associate at Seedrs
Shameel is an investment associate at Seedrs, working with entrepreneurs throughout the fundraising process as well as focusing on post-investment matters for Seedrs’ portfolio companies. He previously worked at Raileasy, an online rail ticket retailer and the accountancy firm BDO.[/vc_column][/vc_row]
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This event is being delivered as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, a week of global activities that highlight and celebrate entrepreneurship and its social and economic benefits, including personal empowerment and job creation.
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