Understanding to whom you want to sell your product or services is ground zero, the most important part of building an effective marketing plan. Within this session, we are going to look at research methods online and offline, the right questions to ask from your existing or future customer and build a customer persona complete with motivations, hopes, interests, problems and gains. All invaluable for building a relevant brand and picking the right channels to talk about it.

Outline of the workshop:

  • Introductions
  • What is a persona?
  • Segmentation – Exercise
  • Research tools online
  • Provisional persona – Exercise
  • Break
  • Interview practice in groups
  • Presentations – All groups give a short recap of the most important learnings

12 February 2019
17:30 – 19:30 PM
Accelerator London
35 Kingsland Road
London, E2 8AA