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We have helped several London Met students and grads to launch their food and drinks businesses.
Find out more about some of them below.

Arctic Power Berries are a range of healthy, natural berry powders that are available online and in stores all over the country.

When living abroad Finns Anna Ojutkangas and Eve Suoyrjo always missed the taste of wild berries from back home. Farmed berries from local supermarkets did not taste the same, fresh berries go off quickly and frozen berries were often either too expensive or not available.

For over 3 years on each trip back to London they would throw half a year’s supply of Finnish berry powders into their suitcases for themselves and friends; sure that other people would love them as much as they did, they began questioning why they wasn’t selling them.

Isatou and Haddy were surrounded by entrepreneurs when growing up in The Gambia, from homemade food sellers to drinks production and importing foreign goods.

Influenced by their grandmother, who made and sold baobab juice locally, they decided to mix, test and perfect their native food recipe in London.

Isatou and Haddy came up with one which was healthy, containing no added sugar or preservatives and that they now sell in stores across the city.

Being born and raised in London means Ayden and Jasmine are influenced by the cultural melting pot around them, through the 270 different nationalities living on their doorstep to their own mixed and varied heritage.

Ayden and Jasmine have visited over twenty countries across four continents; unashamedly led by their stomachs. Inspired by their love of travel, they started their world street food business, Melting Pot LDN.

They’ve gone from cooking for friends in their kitchen to feeding thousands at Notting Hill Carnival, rainy days at markets and lunches for royalty.

Oh Gee, Pie! is run by American London Met graduate Whitney Papa, where she bakes American style sweet pies, cakes, and other baked goods.

She’s on a mission to design, bake and decorate cakes and sell classic hand made American pies, with a modern twist, creating new masterpieces to excite and revitalise the taste buds.