After over 100 participants entered into the Hatchery’s BootCamp Program, only 20 startups have been granted entry into the program.  With their orientation yesterday, we are looking forward to seeing all these new faces at Accelerator!

Being extremely eager to see what these businesses have in store for us, we are going to be writing up quick introductions for each of the businesses that have been accepted into the program.  These write ups hope to give a quick glimpse into what each startup hopes to achieve as a business.  Look for another seven introductions tomorrow.
Welcome to Accelerator!!!


EthicalBox identified a very real and global problem in their company idea.  The problem being that cheap and stylish goods are available only from manufacturers that utilize unethical methods of production.  The aim of EthicalBox is to create a trendy, exciting, and personalised way to shop in an ethical environment.  With the net worth of the ethical clothing mart increasing exponentially over the past couple years, we think this company could be extremely successful here at Accelerator.

Xen Management

Xen Management is a company that plans to offer public relations service above and beyond what all the others are offering.  With a goal of meeting with their clients very frequently to keep them updated on media happenings relevant to them, Xen Management has successfully had their clients interviewed for newspaper features and magazine articles already.  We look forward to their services in the Hatchery.

Porter Longboards

This company aims to supply high-quality longboards at a price that not only matches the major manufacturers, but betters it.  With James Porter, the entrepreneur behind this company coming in and showcasing his own longboard that he made himself, each longboard comes with a personal finesse rather than standardized mass production methods.  He hopes to bring a much higher level of quality control to longboard production.

Conrad & Co.

Conrad & Co. plan to open an online retail business selling fouta towels at a price that is far below other retailers.  With a Tunisia supplier already having been contacted for wholesale selling, this company is ready to go.  Future goals include running a workshop for people who are interested in setting up an online retail business just as they hope to do.


Enmesa is in the process of creating an app that will digitalize Licenses and ID Cards.  This will allow students going out to a nightclub or social place to simply pull out their phone and present their ID through a barcode/photo instead of worrying about pulling out and losing their physical card.  A side project of the app is to create an “events” section that lists cheap/popular places to go out using location services (as well as listing which places have Wi-Fi).

Arctic Power Berries

Arctic Power Berries aim to bring organic dried berries from Finland to UKs markets which lack berries and other health foods.  These health foods are easily added to daily meals, smoothies, yogurts, etc.  The demand is high for these berries as people continually strive to be healthier and even for casual smoothie consumers just looking for a tasty smoothie..

ToDo Creative

ToDo Creative plans to be a helpful resource for art students when it comes to creating a portfolio of their work.  Creating and managing a personal website that hosts a portfolio is sometimes a challenging task, this company plans to help with this process, for an affordable price.  It will also provide cheaper and higher quality art supplies to said students.