In yesterdays Welcome to the Hatchery post we introduced the first seven companies to Accelerator.  Here is the next group!

The Design Wire

The Design Wire is an online resource for graduate and freelance designers to connect with potential new clients whilst also being able to promote their own work.  It aims to make professional design more affordable and accessible for those who would not normally engage with design.  The Design Wire can initially provide new designers with a mentor to guide them through the process of engaging and working with real clients along with contract and deadline negotiation.  With this connection, The Design Wire hopes to bridge the gap between education and industry for new designers.

Sweet Labour Cakes

Sweet Labour Cakes is a cake shop that hopes to provide a variety of cakes for every occasion possible (Valentines Day, Easter, Christmas).  When asked about their designated audience, these entrepreneurs responded with “Everyone loves cake!”.  Long term goals include establishing shops all across Britain for their delicious layered and tiered cakes.

Deal with D.V.

A freelance facilitator on teen relationships including teen domestic violence/abuse.  This company’s interactive website is for young people with tips, warning signs, and definitions for young people to learn about abuse/violence.  The goal is to run workshops and events in schools, youth clubs, etc.

Witts Design Textiles

This entrepreneur plans to start their own textile design business, using some very original designs (as can be seen on their twitter @WittsTD).  These textiles hope to be sold to the luxury end of the market, whether that be for a fashion designer, or an interior designer to use in a project of their own.


I-WE is a social enterprise that provides basic language learning through dance movement.  This dance studio plans to mix dancing, language learning, and dance productions all into one.  Being bilingual is becoming more and more important, but finding the time to learn a new language is difficult.  I-WE aims to be a unique and fun way to learn languages by incorporating it into a hobby/exercise.

Dottore London

Dottore London (‘Dottore’ is Italian for Doctor) hopes to open up a gynaecological clinic for Italian women in London.  As the gynaecologist-patient relationship is an intimate and specific one (based on trust and loyalty), speaking the same language is very important.  The entrepreneurs are hopeful that the business will spread out to include other languages as well in order to make patients from around the world feel more comfortable here.


The motto of this company is: “People are more productive when they do things together, especially with self-improvement and personal goals”.  Rooted in the personal development industry, their clear goal is to encourage people to take action, inspire & motivate using new technologies and social media.  They also promote the idea of a “progressive partner” with a framework built on working in pairs to achieve your goals.