Customer and value discovery
3 March, 5PM

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What is Quickstart

Quickstart is our highly practical programme that will provide you with all the tools, knowledge and motivation needed to launch your own business over two months. The eight weekly 1-2 hour sessions are packed full of business startup information, freelance guidance, expert marketing insights and an overall positive attitude.

This session covers

What you offer (product or service) and why it’s valuable

Who is your customer
and why do they care

Simon Boot

For the last 5 years, Simon has been helping students transform ideas into killer businesses at Accelerator. With experience that spans law, finance, marketing and operations, Simon is your start-up Swiss Army Knife.

Natasha Triay

During her 5 years in London, Natasha has supported over 250 young people set up businesses at The Prince’s Trust, Queen Mary University and now at London Met University.  She has previously set up a social enterprise.

Michael Murdoch and Robbie Dale

Michael Murdoch and Robbie Dale have a total of 30 years brand experience, helping hundreds of emerging and established organisations around the world launch and grow. Story Cube was born out of the work of The House, an award winning branding and marketing agency based in London.


“For those who are serious about setting up a business, Quickstart gives you all the information you need to get set up and start getting your first few customers.”

“It’s been really motivating being surrounded by other entrepreneurs! The talks and sessions really helped me think about what value I’m creating and who to target.”

“Quickstart is an action-packed fun-filled programme that provided invaluable information that can be used to improve your knowledge on starting a business or improving an already started business.”

When is the session?

This session from our Quickstart programme will be running on 3 March 2021, from 5PM

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