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Master entrepreneurial skills for success

What is Lunch & Learn?

Lunch & Learn is our series of bitesize sessions designed to help you take time away from the classroom, expand your thinking and learn new entrepreneurial skills.

These sessions will equip you with the tools, knowledge, confidence and momentum to turn your ideas into a viable business and apply these skills to your career and beyond.

What will I learn?

How to develop an enterprising mindset and put it into practice.

Can I pick and choose?

Each session can be attended separately or together as a series.

What’s the cost?

If you’re a London Met student or graduate it’s free to take part!!

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Previous Lunch & Learn sessions

How To Pitch Your Ideas

Fri 24 February 2023
1:00 – 2:30pm

So you know your idea like the back of your hand, but it’s time to pitch it to others. Come to this session to discover great ways to pitch your idea to different audiences.

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The Self-Employment Toolkit for Freelancers

Wed 22 February 2023
3:00 – 5:00pm

You will learn the essential steps to starting a business or venture of any kind – from soft skills to technical experience and everything in between.

How To Generate Business Ideas

Wed 15 February 2023
1:00 – 2:30pm

We can hardly see anything when it’s dark – hence the light bulb! Where there is a problem, there is often a solution. Come and discover how to generate ideas.

Social Enterprise: Modelling & Scaling

8 February 2023
3:00 – 5:00pm

You will learn the background theory and context of Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship globally with practical, well-known examples of how this works in the UK and beyond.

23 November 2022 1 – 2.30pm

Want to get set up and selling online? This session will cover everything you need to know to get set up and ready to start selling your products online. We’ll guide you through the process of setting up your own online store, how to cost and price your products, and how you can best present and photograph your products for potential customers.

16 November 2022 3 – 5pm

A social enterprise is a business that pursues a double mission: to grow revenue and to have a social impact. These businesses are driven by a social/environmental mission and reinvest profits into creating positive social change. In this session you will learn how to set up a social enterprise and gain a deeper understanding of the motivations behind them.

14 November 2022 1-2pm

Got an idea for a new enterprise? Maybe a hobby, a side hustle or you want to go self employed in your current role and be your own boss? This session will introduce you to the different aspects of starting your own business and going self employed. You will also hear about the ways in which Accelerator can support you as a London Met student or graduate.

2 November 2022

In modern workplaces, collaboration, teamwork, problem solving, creative thinking and flexibility are some of the most valued skills; and all part of design thinking! In this session you’ll be given a specific design challenge to solve. We will also dive into the design thinking process to explore empathy, collaborative ideation, prototyping and customer interviewing.

26 October 2022

Storytelling is a powerful tool. Whether trying to raise investment, or simply introduce yourself at a networking event, an engaging pitch is essential to achieve your goals. This session will introduce you to the art of pitching; by exploring content, structure and delivery.

19 October 2022

Personal branding can help you control your narrative, make positive first impressions and stand out from the crowd! In this session you’ll use a personal brand map to consider your goals, network and strengths, and ways to grow and enhance your brand and professional visibility.

5 October 2022

An entrepreneurial mindset can help you start a side hustle, lead innovative ventures in your career and become a better problem solver. Join this session to gain a deeper understanding of your own mindset, and techniques you can use to take your next steps!

Lunch & Learn FAQ
What does Lunch & Learn cost?2022-09-06T16:34:43+00:00

Lunch & Learn is free for all students and graduates of London Met!

When does Lunch & Learn start?2022-09-06T16:35:05+00:00

Lunch & Learn kicks off on Wednesday 5th October 2022.

Do I have to attend all the sessions in Lunch & Learn, or can I pick and choose?2022-09-06T16:35:22+00:00

The sessions build on the thinking and learning from the one before but they can be attended independently, or as a programme.

I don’t yet have a business idea. Is this programme for me?2022-09-06T16:35:41+00:00

Absolutely! Lunch and Learn is all about learning entrepreneurial and business skills that can help you develop personally and professionally, whether you want to start a business, or not! And lets face it, not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, but all of us want to pursue our passions!