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What is UnderPinned?

UnderPinned is a cool company we joined forces with to launch Freelance Foundations programme earlier this year. Although the online sessions with Albert, the CEO of UnderPinned have finished, you can now access their awesome platform.

Underpinned have you covered if you’re interested in:

1. learning what it takes to launch a successful freelance career,
2. brushing up or building on your business knowledge,
3. creating a client-winning a great portfolio

Following the demand for Freelance Foundations, all London Met students and graduates can get access to the UnderPinned for free!

Register now for access to weekly masterclasses with industry experts, a large library of historic masterclasses, and loads of super useful PDF resources.

Meet our Experts

Albert Azis-Clauso

Albert Azis-Clauson is the CEO of UnderPinned, a platform that helps freelancers build their businesses. Within a year of graduating University, Albert had raised over £1M to build ventures and has now raised over £5M for UnderPinned to help empower freelancers.

He is a freelance educator and worked with multiple early-stage startups as an advisor with a focus on helping first-time founders with impactful ideas access their first venture capital.

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