2018 Finalists

Commercial Category Finalists


Online shopping can be a long and tiresome process. Utiique offers a store personalised just for you.


VIOLA offers a subscription-based box for vaginal health that delivers organic products straight to your door.


An online social platform where users can teach and learn different computer software programs.


Businesses are often short on staff. AutoHub allows employers to efficiently find skilled individuals during those times.

Social Impact Category Finalists


Gardening enthusiasts in London face long waiting lists for allotments. Allot-Me is an app that allows them to be shared.


Healthbusters is a reliable YouTube channel offering peer-reviewed videos on health and nutrition.

Transgender Network

A website for transgender support and location of trans friendly services such as single stalled bathrooms.


Collosus is a 10 day program providing hospitality training for school dropouts in Sri Lanka.

Creative Category Finalists


A luxury chocolate covered marshmallow that is both vegan and eco-friendly.


Love art? Love cocktails? QUADRO combines both to create an immersive pop-up experience.

The Miracle Hotel

The Miracle Hotel is a short mystery film filled with comic relief and starring seven unique characters.

Appointment A.M.

Appointment A.M. offers objects of pleasure coated with different types of metals.

Staff Category Finalists

Rewild My Street

Rewild My Street is an online platform designed to promote eco-friendly actions in homes and communities.


BrainBox uses boxing training to teach coping skills for sufferers of mental illness by reframing mental illness as a fight. Life hits hard, learn to roll with the punches with BrainBox.

Study Skills Book

A study skills textbook for essay writing written by students to aid each other at London Metropolitan University.

Scout Camp Site

A project to build a new and affordable facility in Kent allowing scouts to learn about construction in the process.