2017 finalists

This year’s Big Idea Challenge includes photo and haircut apps, food subscriptions, science, buddies and more.

Commercial Category Finalists

City Box

City Box offers a subscription service to bring amazing products and local delicious treats to your door.

Trim It

Trim It saves you time and offers barbers a great online booking system solution – no more hanging around waiting for a free chair!

Buddy Up

Want to see a film, a band or go for a drink but nobody you know is free… Use Buddy Up to find a local buddy to go with.

Social Impact Category Finalists

Fresh Start

Most homeless people do not have access to hot showers, this mobile free Shower Bus will offer these services to London’s homeless.

Third Space Canteen

Busy lives means less time to socialise and to prepare healthy meals. Third Space Canteen aims to bring these together under one roof.

Walk My Doggy

New focused dog walking service to aid recovery for depression patients.

Creative Category Finalists

Two Fold

Architects, Designers and other creatives often buy multiple portfolio case due to different paper sizes. This new case disassembles and folds to create multiple cases in one.

Anger Rooms

Let out some stress by smashing things up in a safe and controlled environment.

Breathing Tree

The Breathing Tree is a device created to help control and relax ones breathing using the mesmerizing visual effects of a tree.

Staff Category Finalists


An online platform for the growing number of home-based workers to interact professionally or socially with each other.

On The Spot

Citizen journalists are on the rise but often are not paid for their photos posted on social media. On The Spot offers a marketplace for news organisations to purchase these images.

Microvesicles Against Cancer

A new way to provide quality standardised microvesicles to researchers in the Pharmaceutical field.