The second session of Launchpad was a day full of enthusiasm and insight beginning with the weekly reports. The startups presented their week’s work (research, testing etc.) to a panel who would in- turn advise them on how to improve their methods.
Later in the afternoon, Lauren Hine of Zealify shared with us her knowledge by first briefing the participants on her background and startup experience before opening up the floor for questions. Lauren, an experienced entrepreneur, brought an open attitude to the day which allowed the roundtable to freely buzz with questions, stories and laughter.
The participants were all ears as she shared her expertise from choosing the best software and tools to not being afraid of learning from competitors. She also stressed the importance of continuous testing and warned about the consequences if the search for validation halts.
Thank you to Lauren for her insight, advice and encouragement to the participants of Launchpad 2016! With two weeks down, there are only eight to go. Good luck to the startups as they continue working throughout the week; we look forward to hearing about your progress!