Printing and Scanning at Accelerator


Below we’ll explain how to:

  1. Create a print account
  2. Add credit to your print account
  3. Link your Accelerator swipe card to your print account
  4. Use the printer to:
    1. Print a document
    2. Scan a document
    3. Copy a document

1. Create a print account

You’ll need an account. Head to and select “I do not have an account yet, I would like to create one”. After entering your email you’ll be issued a username and a password. You may not be emailed a copy of these, so write them down and keep them safe.

2. Adding credit to (or topping up) your print account

Scanning is free, and printing costs are detailed at the end of this guide. That said, to do either you’ll need to have funds in your account. The minimum top up is £1.00 and you can add funds to your print account at

Enter the username and password you were issued.

You’ll need a debit or credit card to buy credit:

3. Linking your swipe card to your print account

Each time you want to use the printer for printing, scanning or copying you need to sign in to your print account. You can either do this by manually entering your username and password using the touch panel (slow), or by tapping your Accelerator swipe card on the front of the printer (waaaay faster).

To link your Accelerator swipe card to your print account:

  1. Go to the printer and tap your card where it says “Please swipe your card here” (if the digital panel is black (asleep), simply press the power button to wake it up before you tap)
  2. Enter your username and password (which you noted down earlier) when prompted by the panel and … hey presto, your card is now linked!

Going forward you’ll simply need to tap it on the printer to log in.

4. Printing, Scanning & Copying


To print a document:

  1. Head to
  2. Upload the document you wish to print and click [Next]
    1. Accepted file formats are Microsoft Office, PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP, TXT
    2. You can print in either A4 or A3
  3. After uploading, click the button [Printer at City Campus].
    1. #ProTip: Want to print in (much more affordable) B&W? See the note below.
  4. Go to the printer, tap your card, select the document you’d like to print (or Select All if printing many) and print away!

Printing in Black & White!

Note that, if the document that you are trying to print contains colour, then the printer will default to printing it in colour – which is 5 times the price of black & white. If you want to force the printer to print in black & white, when uploading the file for print, select ‘advanced settings’ and tick the box that says “Print in black/white even if the document contains colour”.


To scan a document:

  1. Go to the printer and tap your card to sign in
  2. Select either
    1. Scan to Email; or
    2. Scan to USB (insert a USB stick in the front panel near the card scanner)

  1. Place the original either in the document feeder or on the glass
  2. Configure your scan settings
  3. GO!


To copy a document:

  1. Go to the printer and tap your card to sign in
  2. Select Copying

  1. Select Mono or Color
  2. Select # of copies before pushing start in the bottom right


A4 mono* single sided: 5p

A4 mono double sided: 10p

A4 colour single sided: 25p

A4 colour double sided: 50p

A3 mono single sided: 10p

A3 mono double sided: 20p

A3 colour single sided: 50p

A3 colour double sided: £1