Damiano was inspired to create Seable by his father’s charity, LIFE (Life Improvement for Everyone), and the lack of financial support it was receiving. LIFE is a charity that runs a scuba diving program for people with disabilities, which his father started when a good friend of his became paraplegic. It started as a rehabilitation scheme and grew, but has been unable to receive funding. Damiano was motivated to create Seable and turn it into a thriving business and use his father’s services as an outlet for one of the vacation activities. Since its inception two years ago, it has seen growth through much planning and preparation. The first time it was in actual operation was this past summer, where it saw much success.

Seable is a social enterprise that organizes holidays for disabled people, primarily those that are blind, deaf, or bound to a wheelchair. Seable provides them with transport and accommodation, but what makes Seable unique is how each vacation is tailored to include exactly what the customer wants and for as long as they would like. They provide activities that the person, despite his or her impairment, can participate in; it ranges from scubadiving and jet skiing to cultural excursions. The main goal of the business is to provide an active vacation for the disabled so they can experience something new and different from their norm, and return with a remarkable story and new skills.

“Do not lose motivation. Motivation is the key. Especially when you start your own business, no one is telling you what to do. When you are free, you might waste time. Keep your motivation, set your goals, review your stuff, keep focus, and work hard.”

For more information on Seable check out www.seable.co.uk

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