Guerilla Galleries provides a platform for new and emerging artists to showcase and bring their work to new audiences through regular events, shows, workshops, exhibitions and other exciting opportunities.

In February 2012, Tony and his business entered the Hatchery* and worked alongside four other businesses that had just started too. They all wanted to achieve success in their new business, they had the determination in wanting to thrive. As a result they interacted and benefit from others experiences, this allowed them to gain and accumulate knowledge throughout their time in The Hatchery.*

The result is that in two years this venture has set up thirteen successful exhibitions; from their first exhibition, ‘Observation’, with two artists showcasing nearly twenty artworks to over 100 visitors in three days, to another exhibition – ‘Reveal’ – with a dozen artists, displaying over thirty pieces to an audience that had quadrupled in size. Their success continued, in January 2013 the exhibition ‘Nude’ was launched with to a daily audience of 400 people. After each exhibition Guerilla Galleries learnt from the experiences of the previous. In two short years Guerilla Galleries went from having two artists to working with over 150. They sell over one third of their art work at each exhibition and started to receive donations through sponsorships at their exhibitions, which was economically efficient. These donations resulted in an expansion of innovative ideas such as workshops for people who want discover this industry. They rapidly expanded, offering musical performances in their exhibitions, this resulted in a further audience increase.

As firm believers in delivering original artwork anywhere, they are keen to continue challenging the conventions and bucking trends. Guerilla Galleries prides itself on its work within less favored communities and in bringing quality art to the masses irrespective of societal barriers. They are always on the lookout for new artists and creatives to collaborate with. Dare to be different, call them today and join the revolution as we strive to deliver quality art by any means necessary.

“The Hatchery team and building have been of paramount importance towards the establishment of Guerilla Galleries. Allowing us to showcase around 60 original pieces of artwork on a constant basis has not only taught  us an aesthetic approach towards curating the various walls, it also allows us to welcome guests at any time and call in artists to discuss there work and process in one of the conference rooms. Furthermore they have provided us with a huge office, which serves us currently as a storage room and a creative workspace for the many interns we host. Working next door to many other exciting businesses is both enriching and helpful in the long-term. We are looking forward to a promising future within the Hatchery space.”

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*previous name for the Launchpad programme

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