Quinn Koike and Manou Campbell are both students: Quinn is studying International Business at London Metropolitan University and Manou is studying Business and Management at Portsmouth University. When they were 18, Quinn and Manou co‐founded Social Synergy Project – a non-profit marketing and publicity consultancy specialising in Charities, Non‐Governmental Organisations (NGO’s), Non‐Profit Organisations (NPO’s), and Community. So they acquired a detailed knowledge of Social Enterprises and the ethical market.

Quinn Koike originally came up with the idea for EthicalBox whilst working on Social Synergy Project. Originally, as part of this project, both partners decided that a yellow pages type directory was needed for ethical services. However, there were not enough ethical service providers and therefore, the directory was turned into one focusing on ethical goods. It made very little sense to send traffic to other website to buy the goods, so they decided to create an online e-commerce platform for ethical goods. They set up EhicalBox, and entered the Hatchery* programme.

EthicalBox is an online marketplace for businesses and artisans who produce ethical goods and would like to reach a fashionable and ethical demographic. There are 10,000+ ethical retailers worldwide. However, they have little web presence and there is confusion over what is classed as “ethical”. We hope to create the one stop ethical marketplace with a large web presence and to simplify ethical shopping. Sellers can register easily and add up to 300 products. We will do a quick check, making sure that the brand is what they say they are before displaying the products.

Ethical is about being able to create something beautiful, and wearable, without causing harm to others in the process. Therefore anything that appears on our site must meet our minimum ethical criteria, and we actively encourage sellers to go above and beyond these in their manufacturing and production. Though our minimum criteria are focused on the rights of workers, we have a selection of further standards that sellers can select, if their products go above and beyond what we ask. These include certifications such as Fair Trade, and Organic, as well as other qualities such as being animal friendly, or actively working to reduce waste in the production process. If a supplier meets these higher standards, then they get greater promotion on our website, so it also acts as an incentive to strive for higher ethical standards of practice.

“The Accelerator and the Hatchery* have given EthicalBox a legitimacy that would have been difficult to come by working from home. The program has also allowed us to tap into a huge amount of talent and knowledge from other companies in the building which has proven invaluable. We have had so much support and look forward to growing our business with the help of the wonderful Accelerator staff and supporters.”

The website will be launched very soon!

For more information on EthicalBox check out ethicalbox.co

*previous name for the Launchpad programme

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