Launched by Italian Giorgia Bacco through the Hatchery program, DottoreLondon is the first Italian gynecological and pediatric clinic in London.

Prior to launching her business, Giorgia completed her MA/MSc in International Marketing and Communications at London Metropolitan University and got a job as a consultant in London. It was then that she became inspired to set up a project of her own – the first Italian gynaecological clinic in London.

‘My course at London Metropolitan University gave me the opportunity to study both in the UK and in France, which culminated in a double Master’s in only 12 months. This was in line with my passion for travel and learning from different cultures.

‘I completed my degree in December 2012 and started to work as a consultant in London. It was then that I came across a dental clinic catering to Italians living in London, and I thought how nice it would be to have an Italian gynaecologist in London. From first-hand experience, I knew that Italian women in London sometimes face language and cultural barriers when it comes to gynaecological treatment and are used to certain specific practices and ways of operating that are different.

‘I conducted a survey of around 100 Italian women living in London, which showed that 40 per cent had traveled home to Italy for a consultation, only 10 per cent had visited a gynaecologist in London – and 80 per cent wanted an Italian gynaecologist here. That was when I had the idea for DottoreLondon: the first gynaecological clinic for Italian women living in London, where they can find doctors who speak Italian, a medical standard they are used to, and private consultation at an affordable price.

‘My university’s Student Enterprise Program ran a competition called the Big Idea Challenge, which offered funding and support to student entrepreneurs who came up with the best business idea to address issues including sustainability, creativity, technology and health.

‘Entering the challenge gave me the opportunity to structure and define my project in more detail, and proved the feasibility of my idea. I had to pitch my idea and make a video about it, and was also given access to expert training sessions in idea generation along with the other shortlisted entrants.

‘I won first prize – which included, among other things, £2,000 in funding, a website, marketing consultancy, and a place in the prestigious Hatchery* programme. The prize and a spot on the program gave me the boost I needed and has formed the crucial foundation for my business and its future.

*previous name for the Launchpad programme


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