Manufacturer/retailer of the patented Artists’ Paper Stretcher Series. At brown tree art we take the headache out of watercolour.


Designed to keep paper flat after exposure to water, our flagship Artists’ Paper Stretcher Series are the only paper stretchers in the world that deliver flawlessly flat paper without creasing or damaging paper at the margins.


In response to a lack of options available on the market for artists who wanted a quick and simple alternative to using either gummed tape or impractical paper stretching devices, the Artists’ Paper Stretcher was designed to be something completely different to the other paper stretching devices on the market.


Renowned for their complex user-unfriendliness and habit of damaging paper at the margins, the status-quo for watercolour artists was one in which paper stretching was accomplished by using usually either gummed tape or unintuitive hard-to-use paper stretching devices, which usually presented as many problems as they solved.


With a number of products already on the market which required large amounts of time and effort and involved tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, clamp bars, T-wrenches, Allen keys and the like, the lack of an easy-to-use alternative was obvious.


Guiding his design with the ethos that a solution shouldn’t be a work-around, and placing a distinct emphasis on simple and easy usage, Arthur Brown designed the original Artists’ Paper Stretcher.


With more than 40 years experience as an artist painting in watercolour, oils, acrylic and mixed media, and having previously exhibited with the Royal Watercolour Society, Arthur created a paper stretcher that artists could not only keep their paper flat with, but also save time and effort. No more gummed tape induced headaches and no more time and effort wasted using impractical devices that produced flat paper with a side effect.


Originally sold solely on eBay, the original Series 1 Artists’ Paper has to date achieved relative success in selling to over 30 countries around the world.


However, with the establishment of brown tree art and keen to build on the achievements of the first Artists’ Paper Stretcher series, Arthur and his son Robert have now introduced a second series of the paper stretcher with the continued aim of allowing artists to spend less time worrying about their paper, and more time painting.


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