Bam-B is a luxury jewellery brand created by Brittany Glossop and Caitlin Briody, based in Shoreditch. They design pieces that are classic and statement worthy.

After spotting an opportunity while working in the jewelry industry Brittany persuaded Caitlin to join her and start designing their own product range, first for themselves and then friends. BAM-B took part in the London Business School business plan competition, where they found out about the Hatchery* programme. They were confident and passionate so this programme was a unique opportunity for them to develop their brand. They were accepted into the Hatchery programme which helped them to turn their side project into a business. BAM-B has been featured in W magazine, Elle, Evening Standard and Tatler.

“I don’t know what we would do without The Hatchery* and Simon and Richard (Simon and Richard run The Hatchery). They are rocks, absolute rocks.They do help us a lot. The Hatchery gives us a support system that helps us with anything that we can speak to them or e-mail them about; whether it is to do with finance, business, (Caitlin: Finding a table, photoshop), exhibitions. It’s a support system that makes us feel more secure in the business. I would definitely recommend it.”

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*previous name for the Launchpad programme

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