Arctic Power Berries offers 100% pure & natural Sea Buckthorn and Cranberry powders to boost people’s wellbeing. A teaspoon of the powder is equal to a cup of fresh berries including thousands of health benefits such as antioxidants and vitamins. The neutral taste of the powders is an easy way to add healthiness to every day meals (yogurt, smoothies, soups, salads & desserts). Customers are looking to boost their nutrition level and healthiness in their diet but with busy lifestyles might not have time to pay too much time for it. So Arctic Power Berries provides a long lasting shelf life, neutral tasting product and convenient way of looking after oneself!

Before entering the Hatchery, Saara Eveliina Suoyrjo and Anna Ojutkangas had already tried to start their business on their own but they got stuck with many legal issues and the other practical stuff. So when they saw an ad about the Hatchery programme on the wall at London Met’, they decided to apply straight away. They started from the business idea and within 6 months, they managed to build up a website and an online store for the berry powders: so far they have got orders from all over England and Europe as well as from China, Mexico, USA and New Zealand! They also created a strong brand image, and got famous health food bloggers write about their products. Plus, they got six health shops/cafes selling their berry powders in London!!

Now their big challenge is to get their new packaging – created by a designer from New-York – into the market so that they can introduce they berry powders to more shops and health food chains in England. They are also trying to find new manufacturers to widen their berry powder selection: blueberry will be the next newcomer!

“The Hatchery* has been helpful for us: we’ve got help with many questions we have got stuck with. Or at least someone has often known someone who to contact and ask more. Much needed feedback has helped us to look at things from another point of view and to see things differently.
Overall, participating in the Hatchery* has been a great motivator! Working with other young start up entrepreneurs has given us lot of support and motivation!”

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*previous name for the Launchpad programme

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