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A collection of handmade jewellery including necklaces, collars, rings and brooches
from designer Fatema Al-Matin.

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About the designer

Boutiquealmatin is the creation of Fatema Al-Matin, a Dietetics and Nutrition BSc (Hons) graduate from London Metropolitan University’s School of Human Sciences.

Growing up in Denmark and being surrounded by a world full of craft and creativity, Fatema had a keen interest in making-by-hand from an early age.  Fast forward to 2016 and Boutiquealmatin, an online shop for beautiful and unique items designed and handmade by Fatema, was born.  The range includes bold necklaces, collars, rings, brooches and “rose bears”.

“Growing up in Denmark at a very young age has influenced me into doing what I do.

Life was all about art, handcrafting and creativity, and for me this was a method of de-stressing during very difficult times.  Lots of time, effort and thoughts go into every single product which make them unique with a different story.

I come from a very scientific academic background and found jewellery making and handcrafting a form of balance. Every product carefully handcrafted with love and care.”

Discover Fatema’s handmade jewellery and light up wine bottle homeware at

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