Song Eng, a Professional Diploma in Architecture (RIBA2) graduate, who won the Creative category of Big Idea Challenge in 2017 launched and fully funded a Kickstarter campaign for his business, Newport Works, in only one day! Reaching his pledge target of £10,000 in just 15 hours and raising a total of £24,684!

After taking part in Big Idea, Song spent the summer speaking to customers and validating his business on our Launchpad programme. Newport Works, a creative design company that has developed a stylish new carry case, a cross between a studio bag and a folio, that provides artists and architects with an all-in-one solution which is both easy to carry and protects the work inside.

Song said: “Everyone wanted better looking portfolios that had multiple pocket sizes and were comfortable to carry. Creatives need eye-catching and durable products for presenting and carrying their printed work to interviews and submissions. A portfolio can make or break how one’s creative work is received.

“However, durability was the most interesting problem to tackle. Creatives travel a lot with their work. Today, the same portfolio case that is damaged by rain and inadvertently kicked about by crowds on public transport is the same portfolio that is taken into design schools and job interviews.”

The Kickstarter campaign is still online for customers to pre-order their own Newport Works bag.