Between 2004 – 2008, Ilona Filipi studied for a BSc in multimedia at London Metropolitan University. During this time she realised that she wanted to go into business for herself and so entered the university’s Student Business Competition with her idea for a small web media company. Success in that competition enabled her to become part of London Met’s student business “Hatchery” programme (part of Accelerator) in 2010.
Noticing that WordPress, a flexible content management system, was not being fully exploited by other web designers, Ilona and fellow web designer Adrian Restantia joined forces and founded Moove Agency.
Their focus on WordPress enabled the agency to become a pioneer specialist in the platform, and today they have helped many clients create visually beautiful, easy to manage WordPress websites with client specific customised plug-ins and graphics.
Ilona and Adrian note that much of their success could not have been obtained without Accelerator. The marketing training event courses and the private feedback from Richard Celm, Accelerator’s manager at the time, was invaluable to their company’s growth.
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The entrepreneurial spirit of Accelerator has also helped us tremendously. Having our office here has enabled Moove to connect and share ideas with other business incubators.

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In fact, some of their clients include Accelerator, itself, and other start-ups in the building. Moove Agency plans on expanding the company size from 15 to 20 employees in the next 5 to 7 years. The company also wants to offer other services for clients such as brand consultancy and mobile apps design.